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Now, if there is one weakness I have, it’s watching b-grade movies. My friends make fun of me for it, but watching a movie that you don’t need to take serious at all, and it does anything it likes, well, that’s a great movie night at my place. The last one I watched was Sharknado. Concept was crazy, but I loved the idea of sharks in a tornado, flying out like missiles.  And the scene with the chainsaw toward the end of the movie left me gobsmacked… You’ve got to see it, that’s all I’m saying. Too awesome.Sharknado_poster

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I reveal to Bobbi Romans my love for b-grade movies

Fuonlyknew finds out where I came up with the term ‘moonwulf’

Books, sniffers and anonymous shares and excerpt and there’s an Amazon gift card up for grabs!


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Alex J. Cavanaugh is holding a very cool blogfest, which I just couldn’t resist joining. It’s pretty simple and self explanatory, so here are my top ten favorite movies, in no particular order. (more…)

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Each year so many new books and movies come out that I just have to read and watch, and if I was to ever attempt listing them all, I might end up with the world’s longest blog. So, I’m not going to do that, but instead share a snippet of a few of the new things I’m really looking forward to coming out this year. I kind of got carried away with the movies a bit:) The other books will have to wait for show and tell another day. (more…)

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C.J. Duggan has kicked off a weekly Guilty Pleasures blog, and I love the concept. So, every Wednesday I’ll join in and confess my most embarrassing guilty pleasure. I’d love to hear yours.


Here goes nothing…

I’ll start off by saying that hubby is a huge comic fan, and it is through him that I discovered the wonderful world of superheroes. I never read comics growing up, and while I did try reading them, it just wasn’t for me. But one thing I will admit to loving are all the awesome comic hero movies gracing our screens. More recently, I watched Thor. Yes, there is plenty of eye-candy as Thor struts around topless, but I did enjoy the movie too.. immensely. (more…)

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